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Dr Julia Steinberger

Project Leader

Dr Miklos Antal

Research Fellow

Dr Paul Auerbach

Reader in Economics

Marta Baltruszewicz

Postgraduate Researcher

Dr Kate Bayliss

Senior Research Fellow

Lina Brand Correa

Research Fellow

Professor Andrew Brown

Professor of Economics and Political Economy Divisional Director of Research

Dr Milena Buchs

Associate Professor in Sustainability, Economics, and Low-Carbon Transitions

Dr Jonathan Cullen

University Lecturer in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure

Professor Ben Fine

Research Tutor

Professor Ian Gough

Visiting Professor

Margo Hanson

Research Manager: Energy, Climate Change & Sustainability

Dr William Lamb

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Giulio Mattioli

Research Fellow in Sustainable Transport

Dr Joel Millward-Hopkins

Research Fellow

Yannick Oswald

Postgraduate Researcher

Dr Anne Owen

Research Associate

Dr Daniel O'Neill

Lecturer in Environmental and Ecological Economics

Professor John O'Neill

Hallsworth Chair in Political Economy

Professor Jouni Paavola

Professor of Environmental Social Science; Director - ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy

Elke Pirgmaier

Postgraduate Researcher

Kate Raworth

Senior Visiting Research Associate and Lecturer

Professor Timmons Roberts

Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology

Dr Katy Roelich

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Marlyne Sahakian

Associate Professor

Robin Styles

Research Coordinator

Katherine Trebeck

Senior Researcher

Jefim Vogel

Postgraduate Researcher