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LiLi advisory board meetings are back!


LiLi's virtual advisory board meetings are back! We are meeting every second Tuesday and we are back with exciting presentations from both, our LiLi project team members and our great advisory board members. Last week Ian Sullivan talked about doing his ethnographic studies during a pandemic and Julia Steinberger briefed us on the project's progress...

Who is really to blame for climate change?


In the new study published by Thomas Wiedman, Manfred Lenzen, Lorenz T. Keysser and Julia K. Steinberger summarise the evidence showing that the affluent citizens of the world are responsible for most environmental impacts. However, pinning down exactly who is responsible is trickier than it might seem.   

Remembering Kirk Smith


In this Medium article, Julia Steinberger remembers amazing Kirk Smith: I admire Kirk for his multiple pioneering contributions to energy, health and climate science, and to his determination to criss-cross disciplinary boundaries as though they were nothing but threads to be woven together for greater knowledge. 

Ten principles for building back better to create wellbeing economies post-covid


In a new WEAll briefing paper published earlier this May, Milena Buchs et al outline a set of ten principles for “building back better” toward a wellbeing economy.  “Wellbeing economics for the covid-19 recovery” showcases examples of inspiring actions around the world that are moving us towards a wellbeing economy, along with examples of actions...

New Working Paper: Privatisation, Inequality and Poverty in the UK: Briefing prepared for UN Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights


Abstract Since the late 1980s, successive governments have increased the role of the private sector in the provision of basic services in the UK, particularly in England. In addition, shifting global trends have led to financial innovation, providing more imaginative methods of sweating capital assets and extracting revenue. As a result, the provision of services...