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Communicating the vision of a good life for all within planetary limits


Is it possible to achieve a sustainable future where the social needs of all are met without exhausting the planet’s resources? Dr Julia Steinberger shares lessons learnt from communicating her research findings. How the UK compares to Sri Lanka in a study of social needs being met and planetary boundaries exceeded by researchers at the...

An Audacious Toolkit: Actions Against Climate Breakdown (Part 3: I is for Individual)


Individual or collective action? Snap! Tricked you! It’s a false dichotomy. The answer, as in most big challenges, is not either/or, but both/and. Collective action is by far the most important level (see parts 1 & 2 of this trilogy), but because we live in a world dominated by neoliberal ideas, where social connection is...

An Audacious Toolkit: Actions Against Climate Breakdown (Part 2: D is for Divest)


Taking the first step towards acting against climate breakdown and ecological crisis can be daunting, but it’s essential that we all learn to do it, in our own ways. In Part 1, I highlighted the importance of collective action, including A for Advocacy (climate communication), B for Barricade (keeping fossil fuels in the ground) and...

An Audacious Toolkit: Actions Against Climate Breakdown (Part 1: A is for Advocacy)


What can we do when confronted with planetary catastrophe? The answer is EVERYTHING. Wait, wait. This is not an overly optimistic “Change is easy and painless! We just all need to do X Y Z!” column. The news is grim, okay? No one who has looked at latest report on the challenges of achieving 1.5...

Climate breakdown, capitalism and democracy


When the BBC asked me if I would participate in a debate panel on climate change, capitalism and democracy, I first panicked and then said yes. All I really wanted to do this week was finish up and (re)submit some research I started a long time ago. This research shows that, despite their massive growth,...

A cool enough future


Miklos Antal: 'A cool enough future' for Earth Law Centre Original post here. Our relationship is in a crisis. Too much stress has built up, and I feel responsible. Unrealistic expectations led to exploitation and intolerable pressure. We have tried to numb it. After long years of denial, we tried to rationalize why we were...

Demand-side potential needs proper attention to mitigate climate change


Solutions that address demand for energy and associated changes in behaviour, lifestyles and social norms should be given a stronger focus in climate change mitigation say a group of researchers. Writing in Nature Climate Change, the team of scientists, including Prof Jan Minx, Professor Julia Steinberger and Prof Wandi Bruine de Bruin from the Priestley International Centre...

Lina Brand Correa wins Doctoral College Award


Lina Brand Correa placed 3rd in the Leeds Doctoral College Research Showcase. Each year this event celebrates exciting and innovative research at the university, and awards prizes to the top 3 researcher presentations. Lina commented that: ‘The driving rationale of my PhD is to investigate the dependency of economies and societies on energy systems, in...

A good life for all within the planet’s means


A study led by the University of Leeds has found that no country currently meets its citizens’ basic needs at a globally sustainable level of resource use. The research, published in Nature Sustainability, is the first to quantify the sustainability of national resource use associated with meeting basic human needs for 151 countries. Each country’s...

Why listening is good for climate scientists


What happens when a bunch of scientists decide to chat with people on the street about climate change? A pretty valuable public engagement event, that’s what  – probably more so for the climate scientists themselves than for the people with whom they interact. People who are prepared to stop and talk tend to already be...